Assisting You in Planning for the Future

Estate planning is an important step in managing your assets, ensuring the financial security of your family and dependents, and minimizing the time and expense of probate. The Kaplan Law Firm provides estate planning services which are focused primarily on Asset Management and Disposition. I also provide financial and medical powers of attorney and living will declarations as part of the firm’s estate plan package.

Asset Management & Disposition

  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Revocable "Living” Trusts
  • Creation of Joint Tenancies in Property

Why Me? Why Now?

Small Estate? Explore ways to minimize the expense and hassles of probate, designate executor of your estate, designate beneficiaries. 

Young Child? Designate a trustee to manage your estate for the child’s benefit, set conditions for distributions (e.g., college degree), designate a guardian. 

Child from Prior Marriage? Explore ways to include child from prior marriage in your estate plan.